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From Camo Makeup To Hats: Four Tips For Supporting Your Skin Through The Resurfacing Process And Beyond

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Laser resurfacing can be useful for eliminating acne scars or other facial blemishes and issues. However, while you prepare to have your skin resurfaced or in between visits to your skin resurfacing doctor, you may want to engage in additional practices to protect and support your skin. Here are four skin-healthy tips that can help to make resurfacing more successful: 1. Drink lots of water. Drinking water is always an essential part of having healthy skin, and this habit becomes even more important after you have had some of your skin resurfaced. When you get your skin resurfaced, some of its layers are removed, and it must go through a healing process. By drinking ample amounts of water after your procedure, you help to encourage and speed up the healing process, ultimately making the resurfacing efforts more effective. In addition, water also makes your skin more elastic and less prone to new outbreaks. 2. Focus on vitamin A. What you eat is definitely reflected on your skin, and ideally, you should stay away from greasy, fatty, sugary and processed foods that disrupt your body’s natural functioning. Instead, eat a healthy diet, but in particular, focus on foods such as low-fat dairy products and orange vegetables that are high in vitamin A. Although eating vitamin A won’t get rid of your scars like resurfacing will, it will help to keep the rest of your skin looking healthy, and it will help to prevent future acne outbreaks. 3. Try camouflage concealer or fake tan If you cannot get all of your blemishes resurfaced at once, you should learn to hide any remaining blemishes with makeup. Rather than using regular concealer or foundation which has a tendency to draw attention to your scars, try specialized scar-hiding camouflage make up. Made specifically to hide scars, camouflage scar-hiding makeup has undertones of green that can hide red scars. Alternatively, use sunless tanning lotion. Tanning lotion can minimize the contrast between your regular skin tone and the color of your scars or blemishes. 4. Invest in a hat. Although tans from sunless tanning lotion can help hide blemishes and scars, real tans can make these issues worse, and scar tissue is more susceptible to sunburns than the rest of your skin. Protect your skin from sun damage by wearing a hat. In some cases, your skin resurfacing doctor, like those at Calgary Laser Health & Beauty Centre, may even advise you to wear a hat or stay out of the sun while your skin heals after the resurfacing....

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How to Get a Swimmer’s Body Without a Pool: Learn More About Swim Spas

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As you are striving to maintain your health and fitness goals this year, you may find yourself striving to transform your out-of-shape body into a lean swimmer’s body. However, without the benefits of having access to your own swimming pool, this task can be a major challenge. However, even if you don’t have a pool, you can still get a good swimming workout at home if you invest in an item known as a swim spa. In order for you to determine whether or not a swim spa is the right choice for you and your fitness goals, get to know a little bit more about swim spas and their potential benefits.  What Exactly Is a Swim Spa? A swim spa is a system that is large enough for just one person. These devices look like an elongated hot tub and are just large enough to fit one swimmer.  You may wonder how such as small device will allow you to get any real exercise. It does so by using water jets to create a current against which you swim. This means you get the same exercise benefits of swimming laps in the pool without moving forward, having to turn, or having to deal with other swimmers and obstacles that may stand in your way. Think of this as the treadmill version of a swimming pool. What Types of Swim Spas Are Available? Swim spas are available in different styles and builds to suit your needs. Built-in swim spas can be installed into the ground in your backyard much like a standard swimming pool, or can even be built inside your home for year-round exercise benefits.  If your backyard is not conducive to a built-in system whether because of tree roots or other environmental factors, stand alone swim spas are also available. The benefit of the stand alone variety is that it can easily be relocated either within your current yard or if you move to a new home. Swim spas can also be designed for workouts only or can be combined with an area for spa use (like a hot tub) for both exercise and relaxation benefits. The options are endless so that you can find a system that is ideal for you and your home.  How Much Do Swim Spas Cost? Swim spas, like any home aquatic system, do represent a significant financial investment. Because there is such a variety in swim spa styles and builds the price varies greatly as well. Cheaper models can start at around $7,500 and go up to about $15,000. Higher-end models with more features (separate areas for spa and swim, for example) can go upwards of $30,000. However, this price is far less than purchasing and installing a full-size swimming pool and is far easier to maintain because of its size. Now that you know a bit more about swim spas, you can make and informed and educated decision as to whether this system is right for you and your new fitness goals. Learn more by consulting with local resources such as Empress Hot Tubs & Swim...

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Flawless Finish: 4 Of The Best Blending Tips For Hair Extensions

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Hair extensions can give your natural hair an added dimension of fullness and length. The key to wearing hair extensions is to basically not let anyone know that you’re wearing them. They are supposed to blend into natural hair seamlessly and look flawless. If you love the look of hair extensions but always have difficulty blending them in with your natural hair, here are four blending tips. Clip Hair Extension Close Together The application of your hair extensions is critical. The best way to make them blend in seamlessly with your natural hair is to clip your hair extensions close to each other. There’s nothing worse than wearing hair extensions and then having your own natural hair peeking through the hair extensions. The way to prevent this is by clipping the hair extensions close together. Sure, this may mean that you will need more hair extensions. However, your final look will be seamless. Try a Different Angle If you want your hair extensions to blend in seamlessly, especially at the front part of your face, try placing the clips at an angle. This will give you a natural and soft look that you will not get by clipping them in straight rows. The resulting look will be a feathered one instead of a harsh blunt look. Clipping your hair extensions in at an angle works especially well if you have short hair. Stop the Slip If you are wearing hair extensions, chances are you do not want them slipping out during the day. So, how to prevent this? Prevent slippage of your hair extension by using a super hold hairspray. Before applying your hair extensions, consider backcombing  your hair first and then adding a spray of super hold hairspray. This will intensify the grip of your hair extensions in your natural hair.  Flat Iron Your Hair and Extensions Together Try flat ironing your natural hair and hair extensions after the application of the latter. Let your hair cool and then either let it be or add curls and waves to your taste. So, if you’ve ever wondered what tips people use while wearing hair extensions to make them look totally natural, you now have the secret. The preceding four tips will help your hair extensions look flawless. Contact a medical spa and salon, like Dolce Vita Medical Spa & Salon, for additional tips on how to blend in your hair...

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